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Welcome to CDP Accounting. Connective accounting if you please.  Yes, we are first and foremost in the business of accounting, and we take every aspect of our business very seriously, but not so much ourselves – we prefer building meaningful and strong relationships over going after the size and prestige often associated with Financial Institutions.

At CDP, we prefer connection beyond the numbers and we love connecting with the hearts and minds of our clients; partnering with them to connect the dots and solve real business problems.

In our experience we have found that it is within this connection – the overlapping of a shared purpose – where “magic” occurs; the synergy which builds long term success for all involved.


We provide tailor made accounting services to meet the individual needs of our clients. Under accounting we include bookkeeping, production of management accounts, and the preparation of financial statements. We have directors that are qualified to issue compilation-, independent review-, or audit reports on financial statements. We also act as Accounting Officers to close corporations. We consider Value-added Tax compliance as part of our accounting services. We use the same data to generate VAT reports, submit VAT returns, schedule payments, deal with SARS queries, prepare management accounts and financial statements that form the basis of Income Tax returns.


Our income tax services include general income tax planning, payroll structures, specialist advice on specific transactions, corporate restructuring, SARS objections and appeals – including representing our clients in the Tax courts. All the directors in the firm are registered as Tax Practitioners with SARS.


Payroll & Secretarial services. These two functions have become specialist areas in their own right and hence our firm performs a limited service within these areas confined to the simplest of matters. As a rule, clients are referred to highly competent, specialist firms that we associate with to perform these services. However, we do make a point of overseeing the processes to ensure that any issues that may arise are dealt with timeously.


While our firm’s focus will remain on accountancy and tax issues, we do provide other business services on an ad hoc basis. These include business valuations and business plans.


And get a better understanding of how it applies to you.

(And if you still need someone to help you make sense of it all – please feel free to get in touch)


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+ Blue and green colouring in pencils with pencil shavings helps us connect the dots and solve our clients business problems here at CDP accounting

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