Through the years CDP Accounting has given our trainee accountants the opportunity to complete their SAIPA training requirements. Below are some of our celebrated professionals who are now continuing the legacy of building relationships beyond the numbers.

Coenie van Wyk
Saipa Accreditation received 2012
    Spkazi Jojo
    SAIPA Accreditation received 2014
      Eduard Nel Director CDP Accounting
      Eduard Nel
      SAIPA Accreditation received 2015
        Zikhona Hanabe
        SAIPA Accreditation received 2016
          Sune du Plessis
          SAIPA Accreditation received 2017
            Grant Mccomans Trainee Accountant CDP Accounting
            Grant McComans
            SAIPA Accreditation received 2018
              Elsje Brits
              SAIPA Accreditation received 2019

                CAREERS AT CDP

                None of our directors at CDP fit any financial administrator cookie cutter mould; therefore we do not expect any of our employees or associates to do either. The CDP Staff culture is one where we focus on whole person development of each individual – hence, in working at CDP you would work closely with senior management and be exposed to a broad spectrum of responsibilities and functions.


                The most important thing for any employer – employee relationship is culture fit. If you like what you see and you have what it takes, we would love to show you around. Please send your CV to info@cdpcasa.co.za along with a motivation cover letter and we will give it our earnest attention.
                If you are looking to do your articles at a SAIPA accredited company that will give you the widest range of exposure to an array of functions and duties, with access to senior mentorship, please apply at info@cdpcasa.co.za