At CDP we are a committed bunch – we stick  with our clients through thick and thin, often going above and beyond the call of duty to deliver what is required. We understand our clients and their individual struggles and needs, and we love to see our clients (and our staff) grow as we aspire to unlock their long-term potential.

We believe that building meaningful long-term relationships both trumps and amplifies the shared successes. We will however always be transparent, doing what is right, over what is easy. This is a deeply entrenched value will never compromise on.

We care about more than just the numbers and it shows in the strong and meaningful relationships we have built over the years. Our current clientbase is entirely grown by word of mouth referrals.
So if you are looking for a long term partner to help you take your business to the next level, contact us for a consultation.


Two blue eggs in a nest CDP's connective accounting ensuring you have the right eggs in the right basket


We provide tailor made accounting services to our clients. Because no two businesses are the same, our services will differ from client to client considering the unique needs and circumstances of each client. This will vary from basic bookkeeping that serves as a base for annual financial statements to sophisticated management accounts presented to directors on a monthly basis. According to each client’s needs, the accounting can
be performed on a web-based platform or housed on one of our local servers. In either case, we ensure a high degree of security and back-up procedures.

We consider Value-added Tax compliance as part of our accounting services, using the same data to generate VAT reports, submit VAT returns, schedule payments and deal with SARS queries.

The same information is fed into the industry standard software that we use to generate annual financial statements that in turn form the basis for the submission of annual income tax returns. Since we are registered with SAICA, SAIPA as well as registered auditors with IRBA, we are able to perform audits on financial statements,
independent reviews or compilations. Of course the relevant legislation or ethical codes regarding our independence is always considered when taking on any assignment.



While the main obligation of every business owner in South Africa is to comply with his or her income tax, VAT and other tax obligations, there are several peripheral services that we do offer within the limits of our experience and expertise.

Whenever and we are approached for advice
outside our field of expertise, we will obtain the best possible advice from an appropriate specialist.

These services include general income tax planning, payroll structures, specialist advice of specific transactions, corporate restructuring, SARS objections andappeals – including representing our clients in the various Tax Courts.



…and company secretarial services.

These two functions have become specialist areas in their own right and hence our firm performs a limited service within these areas confined to the simplest of matters. As a rule, clients are referred to highly competent, specialist firms that we associate with to perform these services. However, we do make a point of overseeing the processes to
ensure that any issues that may arise are dealt with timeously.



While our firm’s focus will remain on accountancy and tax issues, we do provide other business services on an ad hoc basis. These include business valuations and business plans.

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